Tuesday, February 11, 2020

2's-Day Tuesday

Hello friends,
Since I post my cards on Tuesday I decided to call it 2's-Day Tuesday.  Here I will showcase 2 cards made from the same stamp set from 7 Kids Craft Store.  Today's stamp set is Colorado Craft Company, Lovely Legs, Sympathy.  This is a new stamp line for 7 Kids.  I hope you like it!

As you can see the cards are similar, yet different.

I used the chevron background paper to represent the many feelings of grief one has after losing a loved one.  The ups and downs of pain and sadness, points of anger.  The stamped image represents the doom and gloom of a rainy day.

My second card is very simply stated.  He heals the broken hearted.  The same stamped image that represents sadness.  The large die cut letters that offer hugs when words are difficult to find.  Of course the image could also be used for someone having a bad day, or needing some words of encouragement.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Hugs and smiles,


1 comment:

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