Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh darn, I was too late!!

Hello friends!  I made this card for the Peachy Keen Challenge #5 but I missed the date.  Darn!  Oh well, better luck next time.  I wanted to practice my copic coloring with shades of black/gray.  I still need lots of practice but it was fun to challenge myself!  I reverse stamped the image and darkened the lines with a very fine tipped copic multiliner.  I drew the sidewalk and background with the same fine tipped multiliner.  Then using cool shades of gray, I tried to color the image like a black and white photo.

The sentiment is hand written.  I would love to see how my friend Lorie would color Vivienne from PK-277 Vivienne and Friends set.  I learn so much from her inspiring work!  I hope I make the deadline next time!
Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and smiles, 


  1. Janice ~ OMG! again...OMG! I am going to start by saying I LOVE that blu! The hand written sentiment is just BEAUTIFUL! Okay onto the black and white coloring~ ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY GORGEOUS! You may have missed the dealine but a TRUE winner in my eyes! WOW! A video???? no pressure but i would love to see how you did this masterpiece! Again WOW!

  2. WOWZERS!!!! This is SERIOUSLY incredible. I'm going to have to go back and review how you do your reverse stamping. I remember seeing you do it before but I haven't tried it SO I forgot how you did it. The black and white photo effect turned out PERFECT!!! What a masterpiece!!!! I LOVE it!!! Hugs- Glora

  3. I absolutely LOVE your black and white coloring! Beautiful!

  4. Once again you have totally out done yourself with this ADORABLE card,Just BEAUTIFUL Janice!I LOVE it,Have a great evening my friend!:)

  5. Janice, this is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the way you colored your image and reversing that stamp is genius!


  6. Janice, This is Absolutley AMAZING!!Wow!I have never seen something so lovely as this. You are very Talented.

  7. WOW, Janice! This is totally amazing! It looks like a black and white photograph! What a cool effect, and so very well done!!!!!!!!

  8. YEAH!!! TOLDYA you were a genius!!
    This is amazing Janice. how CLEVER you are. It's a true monochrome and it's perfect! Is that you and me in the picture? Yeah, 'course it is.
    True friends! Love you loads. xxxx

  9. OMG Janice, I love this card. You did a fantastic job. It really looks like black and white, and your written sentiment is just perfect. Love it. Hugs, Anne :)