Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Playing with my Peachy Keen Stamps

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to post a card showing some of my Peachy Keen Stamps. I have had so much fun with the faceless veggie stamps. The broccoli reminds me of a tree so I decided to make a tree and have a pea swing hanging from it. I love that pea pod stamp!! I can't think of a sentiment though. If any of you have any clever ideas, I would love to hear them. (Oh Viv.... I need your clever whit to help me out.) Enjoy your day!
Hugs, Janice


  1. Too cute!!! How about "Wishing you a Tree-rific and Peas-ful day" :)

  2. OK ADORABLE!!!!!! that stamp totally reminded me of a tree too! YOU HAVE CREATED A MASTERPIECE!!! this is soooooooooooo cute i can't stand it!!!!!

    big fat tree hugger hugs!!!!

    Nikki ;o)

  3. Hi Janice : )

    What amazing creations!! you've got on your blog. I guess I'll just have to stay here all night!! : )

    LOVE your new look!

    I DID NOT forget your birthday BTW I'm so sorry I didn't wish you well, properly! I hope it was really happy!

    BIG (((Hugs))) Patti

  4. ADORABLE!!!! Absolutely adorable!

  5. Brilliant! Love the broccoli tree and the oh so cute peas. The clouds are fantastic too. You are so talented and extra creative. I envy your talent!

  6. OH WOW.. LOVE the way you did this! WHAT an imagination you have, Janice! It is SUCH A CUTE CONCEPT and so beautifully colored! You really floor me with your creativity! Hugs, Kathy