Sunday, December 13, 2009

Posting this Quickly Digi Kitty Challenge

Ok. I had to post this before midnight. I did so just in the nick of time. I will be back with better pictures in a few minutes. They look better than they appear in these pictures. I'll be back soon. You may check out the challenge here.

Hello, I'm back. I hope you find these pictures to be more appealing.


  1. awwh Janice, your projects are beautiful! I LOVE that you gave Mr. Nutcracker some handsome boots!! VERY CLEVER idea!!

  2. Those are adorable Janice!

  3. Janice, these are absolutely adorable-and you made them ornaments! I love Mr. Nutcracker's REAL braid trip on his hat--very clever! I'm always so thrilled to see you on Digi Kitty--because your stuff is always sooooooo beautiful!
    Thank you for taking the time to make such gorgeous ornaments for our Digi Kitty Challenge.

    Purrs & Kisses,
    Kristal of Digi Kitty

  4. wowza. You are so darn talented. You always give everything you created that " special touch " Your ornaments are gorgeous!! Looks like you've been creating away. I missed seeing all your posts while I was off line.