Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 259 Imagine Snow

Sorry to bombard you with cards. Almost done. Day 259 Imagine Snow.


  1. This is a cute card, I love your sketch/layout. And that wide ribbon is perfect with the card.

  2. I don't mind being bombarded with cards. I love this image and the colors. Love the wide ribbon too.

  3. Your cards are beautiful!

  4. Wow! Janice!! you have been one busy girl : )

    I love all your cards! You have made me SO excited for winter!! : )

    I've missed you I hope you are doing well

    (((Hugs))) Patti

  5. Well gee whiz have been busy. I come back to finish what I didn't comment on yesterday only to find you posted 4 more cards. All adorable cards too! Thanks for your comment. I'm working on a card now that I will hopefully post in the next day or two. It has just been really busy around here lately and not much time for card making. Hoping that changes soon.

  6. Aww. this is an adorable card. I love how it looks like a package. The bow is gorgeous. The snowman is cute! love the coloring. and that single snowflake adds the perfect touch. Your cards are always marvelous!