Monday, February 9, 2009

Playing with Playful Petals

Here is a picture of things we would color in gradeschool. My card below shows that I sort of moved in that direction. Now I might use these to make some cards. See you later!

Okay! Unusual card, I know. As I colored the images I stamped and masked, things were moving along fine, but then I started with the black and kept on going. By this time it was too late, and since I spent so much time coloring and masking the flowers I just had to post it. Someone out there might like it. I couldn't just toss it into the trash. It reminded me of things I had colored in grade school so that is the direction it took me. I will try to post an image of my inspiration later.

For this card I used soft colors and kept it clean and simple. The sentiment is from Wonderful Watercolors. The stamp set is Playful Petals on page 99.

1 comment:

  1. Toss it?? Toss it?? I think it's gorgeous! The colors are intense and beautiful. Don't you do any such thing!