Friday, January 7, 2011

So Stinkin' CUTE - New Stamp Release

Hello Peachy Keen Followers!!
We hope this finds you well and in the mood for a few new designs to get into the spirit of the upcoming holidays!!
TODAY, January 7th at about 5pm CST - Peachy Keen Stamps will be releasing 3 new stamp sets for Valentine's Day. We are planning a blog hop later in the month to realease several new stamp sets too. There will be at least two St. Patrick's Day sets and of course.. what would a release be without.. FACES!! There are three new character sets but I am forced to HOLD out until our blog hop!
You will find a 10% global discount in place that will save you a little something on any purchase in PKS store. You will find the new stamps HERE at the time stated above.
Have a great weekend!!
Love and Hugs,
The Peachy Crew!
PS.. Don't miss Emma's Ustream tonight!!


  1. I LOVE these! The Peachy Queen does it again :).

  2. Another reason why I love Peachy Keen Stamps......The designs always amaze me and make me smile!

    Hugs, Renae

  3. These are just adorable and will need to be added to my collection!

  4. They are so cute! I can't wait to get my ink on them!

  5. Hello Janice,

    I found your blog at Card Cupids! Wow... your work is so beautiful and so cute!!! Great blog!

    Greetings, Saskia :)

  6. She did it again...Love the FROGS!!